मवेशियों के पालन-पोषण के लिए स्वास्थ्य परामर्श के साथ-साथ बाजार के लिए मंच

  • Video Consultation

    Now connect with Vet at instant and ask anything from our experts.

  • E-prescription

    Helps to order medicine and maintain record of diseses where dairy farmers can check E- prescription just after instant consulttaion

  • Order-Medicine

    One tap feature helps dairy farmers to instant order medicines, health suplements and cattle feed through our app. from farm

  • Vaccination Alerts

    Feature that provides notification or messeage to the dairy farmers for any vaccination during various season

  • Farm Management Reports

    Daily farm reports indicating cattle sickness, medicine order can be easy track by dairy farmers over dashborad of an app.

  • E-videos

    Weekly extension videos for dairy farmers about cattle care, goverment schemes, new technology adaptation and others to help in making them digital farmers