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Dairy farming has various issues related to instant advisory access in remote areas, infiltration in cost of feeds and supplements, lack of new technology, machinery, latest agronomic practices in fodder production knowledge and market linkage for quality prices of milk based products.

AHB Suraksha is providing customized services and products for dairy farmers of India as well as dairy stakeholder’s which fulfil the requirements to make the dairy more profitable and progressive.

Lab test of mastitis, PD etc. and other’s cattle associated problems are easily done through partner labs and high end machinery. Insurance are available through our partner companies at on farm service.

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We Provide

Providing customize end to end solution for dairy farmer and associated industry stakeholder through SAAS & franchise center.

  • Access to Quality Dairy Input

    Access to quality dairy inputs helps farmers obtain better produce with right product and dosage recommendations based on their cattle requirements. It also helps farmers avoid the hassle of travelling long distances with convenient options like 'Payment at Delivery', 'Pickup at Nearest AHB Suraksha Centre' saving them both time and money and thus focus on increasing milk productivity and income as well.

  • Affordable Lab Test Service

    Mastitis diseases is a threat to the farmers' milk production and economic prosperity. Our affordable detection kit offers a safety measure to the farmers in case of cattle udder damage caused by mastitis diseases. The kit is offered at a very low price and in case of detected the Thano Suraksha is recommended.

  • Access to free Tele-Medicine service

    Farmers are provided with AHB Suraksha Kisaan app. For instant advisory services to farmer via video, image consultation and so on have multi feature like news, nutrition gyan, ration balancing extension, market place for quality dairy input , insurance, etc.